Mendo provides highly complex liquid-handling in a portable and autonomously low-cost, and programmable electrofluidic device. The enabling technology was developed by Mendo’s co-founders in Dr. Stephen Quake’s lab at Stanford University and represents the first truly portable and scalable electrically-actuated microfluidic valve.

Our Technology

We are eliminating the final barrier to a portable and automated next-generation sequencing workflow. Our proprietary liquid-handling technology streamlines manual and infrastructure-intensive aspects of NGS workflow into an automated handheld device. 






Razor & Razor Blade Business Model 

The system is split into two parts: a handheld control unit and a consumable microfluidic chip. Together, these two parts form the fully integrated system, requiring no external support infrastructure to run or power the device. Users will be able to load raw samples and step away, while the library prep chip carries out the required extraction and library prep protocol for downstream sequencing. The compatibility of the system with a variety of downstream sequencing methods allows it to plug-and-play into existing NGS workflows of beta users, dramatically decreasing the friction of adopting new technologies. Additionally, the cross-compatibility of the control units with the consumables also presents a strong value proposition to the user, as they will be able to run a suite of different reaction chips without the need for specialized training or supporting lab equipment.

Our team

Robert (Bob) Ellis, CEO

CEO & President at PerfinityBiosciences, tasked with refocusing portfolio from capital products to consumable products CEO at BioTrove, grew revenue from $300k to $20MM, acq’d by Life Technologies and Agilent Technologies EVP at Affymetrix, headed up R&D and started Affymetrix Labs, a strategic group focused on moonshot projects

Nate Cira, PhD

Inventor of the underlying valve technology

PI at Cira Lab, Rowland Institute at Harvard

Stanford Bioengineering PhD

NSF GRFP, Siebel Scholar 

Jason Khoo

Inventor of the underlying valve technology

Stanford MD, Class of 2018

Knight-Hennessy Scholar

Stanford Human Biology, 2016


Martin Goldberg  SAB

Martin worked at Affymetrix establishing and overseeing the company’s first wafer scale manufacturing facility years. Marty began his career at IBM Corporation at the TJ Watson Research Center. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of California at San Diego.


Marc Unger SAB

Marc A. Unger received his PhD in Physical Chemistry at Caltech. During a postdoc in Applied Physics in Professor Steve Quake’s lab, he invented Multilayer Soft Lithography, the foundational technology of FluidigmCorporation.



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